Second Chance Society

How To Get Help

Would you like to receive assistance in the areas of employment or vocational training?  If so, see your Case Manager and complete the online “Hand Up Program Application.”  Once complete, email the application to our office by clicking the “submit” button.  A member of our staff will be in touch to arrange a time to meet with you.
Would you like to receive assistance with the funding of a Birth Certificate or a Florida ID Card? If so, complete the “ID Program Application” and fax or scan/email the application to our office.  A member of our staff will process your request, then contact you or your case manager.
If you do not have a Case Manager, please call our office on (954) 763-5999 for further direction.


Forms and guides you need to help your clients


We have updated our Hand-Up program application process.  All client applications are now submitted using our new online application available click HERE

ID Program Information

The application process for the ID Program remains unchanged. Print and save application available click HERE

For ID Program Applications only, please submit completed form by fax or by email:
Fax: 954-763-5922 or Email: